Industrial pendant lights

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Industrial pendant lights

What is the industrial style ? Overall, it is a kind of style that uses a lot of sober colours like brown, black or even uncluttered white. The industrial style gathers a lot more of decoration type : Factory style, New York Loft Style, Vintage and Retro. In our catalogue, you will discover all of them, at the best price. In that way, you can decorate your interior with a contemporary atmosphere, while impressing your guests. 

Industrial Lighting - Contemporary Version

Have a look at KosiLight's catalogue of fashion and trendy pendant lamps. Some of them has a really contemporary style, while taking part of the industrial world. These kind of Light Fittings are really design. The New York Loft Style uses a lot of ceiling lamps with pendants. There is a unique source of light, emitted by generally one E27 bulb. The "Flen" pendant light has a loft style. Its conical design and colours (Black and Yellow) will enhance your industrial decoration. Indeed, it provides a nice and warm light. The black metallic lampshade has a strong design like a wrap. Loft style decoration is very contemporary, you can find this style in big cities flats such as : New York, Los Angeles... It comes from the American way of life. If you want a cosy and comfortable way of life, than you should set a loft style Pendant Light into your interior. 

Industrial Lighting - Reminiscence and Vintage Collection

Also, the industrial style can bring you vintage and retro feelings with design pendant light from the past. If you do like the 60's or even de 80's, you will be so happy to see them back on KosiLight catalogue. You can adopt a vintage atmosphere for you home with our trendy pendant light. Opt for an industrial pendant light made of tinted glass to bring comfort and design. Overall, the Vintage style uses glass, transparent or smoked, it depends. With transparency, you will be able to see the bulb and the visual heat it will emit. But, on the other side, with a smoked glass (like the "Inna" pendant light), you will bring a really design and original touch. Don't forget to add more Vintage style with KosiLight Incandescent Bulb. With filament bulbs, you will enjoy a nice golden light, just like before. 

Industrial Lighting - For Restaurant and Hotels 

A lot of public areas use industrial style pendant light. Indeed they are quite appreciated. An industrial style pendant light brings harmony and a comfortable feeling atmosphere. That is why restaurants often use them for romantic dinner. Take a look at the Smoked Gallia Pendant Light. Its light, provided by an E14 bulb, will look like a cosy fireplace. These type of light fittings has a unique source of light. They perfectly suit a Dinner table. Just above the customers head, pendant lights will enlighten their private space.

Industrial Pendant Light - Retro lighting

Beyond the simple industrial and factory lighting, KosiLight offers you the opportunity to buy industrial pendant lamps that looks like traditional factory style lighting. This style of decoration is not dead. On the contrary, the industrial pendant light can bring warmness and nostalgia into a home. A retro lighting will bring you back in the 80's with the classic industrial style pendant light you may set right above your dining table.