How to choose your interior luminaire?

Often overlooked, the luminaire is nevertheless a key element for a successful and harmonious interior design. To decide the lighting of your home, it is important to follow simple rules to optimize the lighting/decoration couple. We must therefore adapt the light fitting to the room. It is necessary to also suit the luminaire style with the decoration of your room because it is it which will determine its tone and colour. The size of your lamp depends on the height of your ceiling. Prefer a ceiling light to a long suspension if your ceiling is low. Different styles of light fittings can be distinguished including:

- The baroque style, to create a stylish and warm environment.

- The crystal style, to bring luxury and elegance, bringing surprising light effects.

- The design style, for a more modern and original lighting that stands out with some form or original colours.

1. Living room
2. Kitchen
3. Dining room
4. Bedroom
5. Child's bedroom
6. Teenager's bedroom
7. Hall
8. Corridor
9. Staircase
10. Restaurant or hotel
11. Garden or patio

Our advice to illuminate your home with a suitable luminaire:

1. The living room:

The living room is one of the main rooms of the house where all the family and friends gather, but also the place where the main activities are happening. The light of the living room should meet the needs of different activities while displaying an impeccable decoration. To illuminate this room, it is advisable to have different light fittings to have a suitable light for each activities. It is also possible to place a chandelier over a coffee table which will bring a touch of luxury without impeding movements.

The suggestions of our editors:

Ceiling light AikenPendant Light GoyaCeiling light TulipeCeiling light MoonCeiling light Ulysse

2. Kitchen:

In a kitchen, lighting should illuminate the room evenly. The light must be powerful enough to facilitate the movement without creating shade. We can thus install on the ceiling pendant lights or ceiling lights. A simple option, but very effective. You can opt for a rather industrial design or retro style which is trendy these days!

The suggestions of our editors:

Pendant Light Xena
Pendant Light OsloPendant Light Neris
Pendant Light Cedra

Pendant Light Cope

3. Dining room:

The dining room, on the other hand, requires a diffused light, ideally in the form of the table so that the guests have a correct and homogeneous lighting. The ceiling lights composed of several branches or pendant lights (single or multiple) are the perfect fit for this need.

The suggestions of our editors:

Cruise.jpgSan Diego.jpgIno.jpg
Pendant Light New YorkPendant Light CruisePendant Light CallunaPendant Light San DiegoPendant Light Ino

4. Bedroom:

For bedroom lighting, direct lights can dazzle you including the waking up moment or can interfere your reading. To do this, go for luminaires which hide the bulb creating a soft and warm light. Choose wall lights, ceiling lights or pendant lights with soft and indirect light which will generate a comfortable atmosphere.

The suggestions of our editors:

Ceiling Light Belfast
Wall Light TrioWall Light Héra
Ceiling Light PlanetChandelier Babylone

5. Child's bedroom:

A child's bedroom should be a private space, a secret garden. A place where the child can have fun, work and rest. Thus, the lighting must be adapted to their expectations and their mood. To answer this, mix diffuse light with other bright light dots; i.e. illumination from the ceiling associated with table lamps or wall lights. For the ceiling, choose colourful and playful lighting such as the blue or orange coloured pendant light Illinois or even a wall/ceiling light Red Belfast, to brighten your child's room! Also, opt for night lights as sweet as a decorative like the LED cat or dog nightlights.

The suggestions of our editors:

applique maiden.jpgEgg.jpgBelfast.jpg
LED Dog Lamp LED Cat LampWall Light MaidenLED Egg Lamp

Wall Light Belfast Red

6. Teenager's bedroom:

The bedroom of a teenager has several features; they work there, invite friends, watch TV ... This area can be considered as a mini apartment. So it have to be enlighten like one. In addition, they must be offered luminaires to their liking! For this, you have all kinds of lighting retro, classic, industrial, modern.

The suggestions of our editors:

Lagoa7044_1.jpgNavy.jpgAcht.JPGaaa suspension sphera.jpg
Ceiling Light LagoaCeiling Light Curly
Pendant Light NavyPendant Light Acht

Pendant Light Globe

7. Hall:

For the entrance hall light, light fittings that drop too low may impede people and their movements. So choose a small ceiling light, a wall light or a table lamp. You can, however, in the case of a high ceiling entrance hall, prefer a large chandelier or pendant light, while ensuring that the selected luminaire does not dazzle your guests too much.

The suggestions of our editors:

applique massalia.jpg
Wall Light Massalia
Ceiling Light AphyseCeiling Light PalaniCeiling Light Gutenstein

8. Corridor:

To illuminate a hallway, you should not place too large chandeliers because they reduce the space and can make the way unpleasant. You can instead choose wall lights or small ceiling lights. Transform your hallway into a real living room, putting more light sources; do not hesitate to add several wall lights along the corridor for example.

The suggestions of our editors:

Memphis.jpgQuadr.jpgapplique crepuscule.jpgPolaris.jpg
Wall Light Memphis
Wall Light QuadraWall Light CrépusculeWall Light CubicCeiling Light Lenza

9. Staircase:

A large staircase can easily be light up with a crystal chandelier. A fine wall lights will be chosen to a preferred classical staircase. In addition, a staircase needs to be well lit especially near stairs; to do that we can offer you design wall lights that will light up this space while embellishing it.

The suggestions of our editors:

Ceiling Light SpiroCeiling Light IreneWall Light NewportWall Light DroWall Light Lucinna

10. Restaurant or hotel:

Illuminate a restaurant or hotel mostly requires a fixture both luxurious and imposing, especially for the entry. To suit these needs, the chandeliers are recommended as certain ceiling lights. So bet on a luxurious and harmonious lighting and impress clients with the design and originality of our luminaires.

The suggestions of our editors:

lustre vinci.jpgGoya.jpg
Chandelier RomaCeiling Light SkienCeiling Light HildaCeiling Light VinciPendant Light Goya

11. Garden or patio:

In order to create a stylish and lounge space to your garden or terrace, go for the bright and festive furnishings trend. These movable LED furniture allow you to customize the atmosphere by choosing the colour to suit your mood. Brighten your evenings with our multi-coloured LED luminaires that will impress your guests and give a design and modern edge to your terrace or garden.

The suggestions of our editors:

coupes champagne led_1.jpgaaa seau champagne led.jpg
Waterproof LED ballLED cubeLed Champagne glassesRound LED tableLED champagne bucket