Living room/Dining room

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For your living room, we recommend that you choose a ceiling light fixture or LED chandelier for visual comfort and a gain in energy consumption. The dining room should not be neglected either, a ceiling light fitting or a chandelier with soft light, fixed above the dining table will produce the same effect as candles. Romantic atmosphere guaranteed! And to go further, you can impress your guest with a great Crystal Ceiling Light. With its luxury design, you will make them believe that they are in a great castle.

Ceiling Light Fittings for Living Room

Whether your living room is big or modest, you need to light it on with an efficient light. To maximise all your activities, KosiLight suggests you to opt for a powerful ceiling light fitting. In that way, you will be able to increase visibility into the room. A Living Room Ceiling Light fitting must be round or squared, to broadcast a sufficient light around the room. For a Living Room, it is advised that you set a white light (4000K). Neutral white light will allow you to participate in your daily activities : watching TV, reading a book, resting... Our LED Ceiling Light Fixtures and Crystal Ceiling Lights use this light colour. Take a look at our really design Ceiling Light "Wade" and "Diez". Both has a squared or round shape, they will spread a beautiful and shiny light and will make your living room look as bright as a star. Setting a Ceiling Light for Living Rooms means that you want to save space on the ceiling and avoid impeding your way. They are completely contemporary light fittings. 

Chandelier for Dining Room

Choosing a design chandeliers to set above the dining table is still a great idea. Indeed, lighting what you have on the table allows you to enjoy your meal. A baroque chandelier will bring a classic style into your interior design. Just look at our large catalogue on, you will find golden baroque chandelier "Pavia", Chrome Chandeliers "Matane" with eight glass-made lampshades. Chandeliers are suitable for dining room because their pendant structure will bring a romantic atmosphere for the dinner. A Baroque Chandelier has a classic design and will decorate your interior design with a vintage light fitting.