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Design ceiling lights

Black metal rail cinema-style spotlight - Brenta

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The Brenta rail spotlight is an industrial light fixture evoking scenes and movie sets. Each of its four spots requires an E27. This spotlight is adapted for a bright and precise lighting, for instance in order to light up a painting.
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Crystal ceiling lights

Small round chrome and crystal LED ceiling light - Liwa

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If your interior is lacking a small touch of chic, you should opt for this small 23cm crystal and chrome ceiling light. Liwa is a LED ceiling light which requires only 9W to emit 927 lumens, it can therefore light up a small room by itself. It will fit perfectly in a corridor, a hallway or above the seating area or a living room.
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A design chandelier gives your home a stylish and classy look, it finds himself often in your living room, dining room or entrance hall and transforms them into luxurious castle rooms.

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