Egg Lamp H24cm LED wireless rechargeable Egg Lamp H24cm LED wireless rechargeable 2
LED lamps

Wireless LED Lamp 24 cm - Egg

Opt for egg LED wireless lamp to enlighten and enliven elegantly your interior and exterior decoration. Portable and convenient, this design lamp can be suspended easily wherever you are. Choose the colour you prefer using a remote control.
Ice bucket LED multicolour RGB Ice bucket LED multicolour RGB 2
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Illuminated glasses and ice-buckets

LED Light-Up Ice Bucket - 29 cm

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Superb ice bucket with LED offering 7 different colors. This bottle bucket beautifies your evenings with any color you want. Each time you press the button, the color changes. You can select a color in harmony with your desire. A design and elegant bucket that will allow you to enjoy your refreshments on hand.
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Objects capable of creating an atmosphere, enlighten us regardless of their initial function; These are the products that you will find in this category. Our illuminated objects work with the LED lighting technology which allows them to be functional for a very long time and also consume very little power. These bright squared or round objects, create a unique atmosphere to your interior and exterior spaces regardless of products sizes. A full range of bright objects using LED technology as the multicoloured ice bucket through the ball of multicolor light and bedside cat-shaped lamps are available in our Kosilight catalogue.

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