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metal ceiling metal ceiling  2
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LED ceiling lights

LED ceiling light triple halo - Paciano

£224.10 £249.00
With its metallic design, the ceiling light Paciano brings a futuristic vibe to your space. The triple circle offers adequate warm light with 4,800 lumens. This ceiling light is suitable for any room. Additionally, the LED design is more energy-efficient! Discover more about the Paciano collection.
Ceiling flat lamp - Double million Ceiling flat lamp - Double million 2
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Crystal ceiling lights

Ceiling Lighting Crystal LED - Double Million

£47.50 £95.00
Its long and flat structure allows the light to be diffused over a large area. Lighting is provided by integrated LED bulbs. This lamp will allow you to enjoy powerful light, low power consumption and decorative crystals.
ring pendant light - Uccello ring pendant light - Uccello 2
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LED pendant lights

LED Pendant Light - Design Uccello

£159.20 £199.00
Magnificent prestige ceiling lamp type. This fixture design of 65 cm in diameter will be perfect to bring a modern touch to your indoor decoration. Its sleek ring provides a simple and elegant design. The LEDs located on the edge of the circle make an attractive source of light.
Crystal LED prestige pendant light - Oslo Crystal LED prestige pendant light - Oslo 2
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LED pendant lights

Pendant light - LED crystal design - Oslo

£299.40 £499.00
Magnificent Oslo design suspension. The three rings embellished with crystals contain LEDs that emit a spectacular play of light. This fixture design of 60 cm in diameter will be perfect to make an elegant and modern touch to your home . In the same collection , suspension Oslo 2 rings.
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Lustre Baroque

Chrome and glass leafy pendant light - Grace

£134.10 £149.00
If you are looking for a chic luminaire reminiscent of nature, Grace and its multiple chrome branches complete with glass leaves is exactly what you need. Once equipped with six G9 light bulbs, it will dazzle and complement your room decoration. This 59,5cm wide pendant light's height is adjustable: it is a lovely piece of decoration for a living room...
LED Ceiling Light crystal flower - Laurus LED Ceiling Light crystal flower - Laurus 2
Crystal ceiling lights

Small floral crystal LED ceiling light - Laurus

Laurus is a small 20cm ceiling light which can fit anywhere  quite easily, even in smaller rooms. It is perfect for a corridor or a chic entrance hall, bringing a touch of crystal and emitting 947 lumens for an electric consumption of no more than 9W.
Butterfly LED Chandelier - Chloé Butterfly LED Chandelier - Chloé 2
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Crystal chandeliers

Baroque pendant light with metal rods and crystal tassels - Chloé

£300.00 £375.00
The Chloé pendant light is a crystal pendant combining crystal with a bold design: its metal rods are ornate with small crystal tassels and metal discs and emit a very bright light of 9666 lumens. With its unique style, it is a great element of decoration for a large living room or entrance hall.
Design chandelier LED crital - Goya Design chandelier LED crital - Goya 2
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Crystal chandeliers

LED Crystal Pendant Light - Goya

£399.20 £499.00
The Goya is an artistic Crystal Pendant Light. Consisting in 4 circles, made of integrated LED strips and bright crystals. These circles pendants are adjustable and will broadcast a charming white light that will enhance your interior design. Furthermore, the chrome structure will bring a modern touch.  
Large silver LED spiral pendant light - Tornado Large silver LED spiral pendant light - Tornado 2
Crystal pendant lights

Prestigious Silver LED Spiral Pendant Light - Tornado

The Tornado suspension light has an original and innovative design in the shape of a whirlwind. As beautiful as it is practical, the lamp has a 16W LED in each of its chrome circles. Whether in the living room, dining room or other rooms, this large 2.5m high suspension light will perfectly illuminate your interior while remaining eco-friendly with LED...
Design Baroque chandelier 8 arms transparent glasses - Matane Design Baroque chandelier 8 arms transparent glasses - Matane 2
Design chandeliers

Chandelier - baroque design 8 Light transparent glass (8xG9) - Matane

The majestic Matane chandelier is designed with a deliberately minimalist touch. Sober and elegant, this luminaire is composed of eight curved arms in chromed metal and transparent glass shades. Through the glasses, it diffuses a soft and warm light in your home.
golden crystal pendant light - Eve golden crystal pendant light - Eve 2
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Crystal chandeliers

Crystal Golden Pendant Light - Eve

This suspension that reminds you of a Christmas garland is very chic. Made of golden metal and small crystal shards, the Eve suspension will illuminate your room while warming up the atmosphere with a soft nostalgic light. Practical, this chandelier benefits from optimal lighting.
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Kosilight chandeliers will dazzle your guests. Through their glass pendants and the bright shiny crystal, crystal chandeliers are timeless and will decorate any interior. The light reflections on these offer optimal brightness in your room. They directly display your style by their greatness, their many lighting sources and materials chosen to dress up your rooms. See our selection of chandeliers and choose between our different models: design chandeliers, crystal chandeliers and chrome chandeliers.

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