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Design ceiling lights

Ceiling light - design Cubes 98cm

Large modern ceiling light made of carefully cut glass cubes in the shape of ice cubes diffusing light. Its immaculate design will dress up your room with elegance and its very powerful lighting makes it an effective light even for large rooms. The ceiling light includes a remote control that enables you to switch on the number of bulbs you wish to use.
Ceiling light - crystal LED Las Vegas (Ø 45 cm) Ceiling light - crystal LED Las Vegas (Ø 45 cm) 2
LED ceiling lights

Ceiling light - crystal LED Las Vegas (Ø 45 cm)

Magnificent Las Vegas ceiling light is provided with its remote control which enables you to adjust your lighting depending on the situation. A Ceiling light as aesthetic as functional, its blue LED is ideal for creating ambient light, its 7 G4 bulbs provide powerful lighting and its 3 places for classic E27 bulb allow you to choose the lighting you want.
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Discover on this page all of our chandeliers and ceiling lights each developing their qualities. They dress all your living rooms and decorating them without cluttering up the floor! Two broad categories of luminaires for two different lighting. One will be diffuse, the other offers a soft atmosphere. However both provide an additional decorative element! This is how to combine business with pleasure. This category includes many different styles, like very luxurious fixtures such as Modena luster but also design lamps led very modern as the Karen ceiling at 18 branches or even composed of crystals as Odin chandelier.

Ceiling lights: For a smart and trendy atmosphere :

Hanging a chandelier, ceiling light or pendant in your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom is always a wonderful idea. Enjoy magnificent baroque chandelier chandeliers of our brand KosiLight. To avoid taking up too much space in height, you can opt for a ceiling light. Choose the type of ceiling light you want: contemporary, modern, classical, baroque and even industrial, to beautify your home. Not only will you light your interior, but you will sublimate your interior design and also impress your guests.

Chandeliers and high quality ceiling lights :

Chandeliers and ceiling lights are qualitative items. The chandeliers are made of crystal glass. This glass will contribute to dazzle your environment. The brightness and sumptuousness of the materials used in the design of these chandeliers and ceiling help ensure optimal lighting and decoration. Metal, including chrome, that are used to make these chandeliers and ceiling is high quality. The design and contemporary suspensions also benefit from these attributes. The price is still very accessible and very competitive.

Chandeliers and ceiling lights that suit all interiors design :

KosiLight is the shop offers a wide variety of chandeliers, ceiling and suspension of all sizes, all colors and all the materials to satisfy you. Discover the baroque chandeliers, contemporary design chandeliers, brass chandeliers, metal, chrome and glass. To complete these chandeliers, do not forget to add lampshades fabric or wire stretched equally design. The ceiling lights are innovative in that LED technology embeds and optimizes lighting through choice of brightness and color variation. The chandeliers and ceiling lights are the items from the world of interior design and lighting. Choose a baroque chandelier chandelier or contemporary ceiling and brighten your home!

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  • £45.00 - £162.00

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