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Design pendant lights

Metal cage pendant light with four lights - Argun

The Argun pendant light combines chic and simplicity with its sober metal cage containing four glass spheres for light bulbs. With its association of black and brass colors, Argun is a lovely piece of decoration as well as an efficient light fixture.
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Wisely chosen, the pendant light can become the main decorative element of your room. Pendant lights also provide precise illumination without it taking space on the floor or on your table. Installation is easy and your rooms are instantly decorated and lit. Discover our range of lighting pendant lights for rearranging your home with style and elegance. You will find a wide selection of pendant light design, Baroque and classical as the Lorma pendant light, with pendant light Singapore reminding us of these spacious industrial areas, led to optimal lighting for energy consumption minimum such as the pendant light Osaka, glass... and many others still.

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