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Lustre Baroque

Chrome and glass leafy pendant light - Grace

£114.37 £127.08
If you are looking for a chic luminaire reminiscent of nature, Grace and its multiple chrome branches complete with glass leaves is exactly what you need. Once equipped with six G9 light bulbs, it will dazzle and complement your room decoration. This 59,5cm wide pendant light's height is adjustable: it is a lovely piece of decoration for a living room or...
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LED pendant lights

Pendant light - LED crystal design - Oslo

£269.46 £449.10
Magnificent Oslo design suspension. The three rings embellished with crystals contain LEDs that emit a spectacular play of light. This fixture design of 60 cm in diameter will be perfect to make an elegant and modern touch to your home . In the same collection , suspension Oslo 2 rings.
Delicate chrome and glass leafy chandelier - Raaz Delicate chrome and glass leafy chandelier - Raaz 2
Classic pendant lights

Delicate chrome and glass leafy chandelier - Raaz

The Raaz chandelier is a delicate, luxurious pendant light. Featuring metal branches and glass buds, this lamp's height is adjustable. This large (62cm wide) light fitting will emit an elegant light using 9 G4 light bulbs and add a touch of spring to your room. It is perfect for a large living room or for impressing your guests in the hallway. Match it...
Design pendant lights

Branch-shaped pendant light with glass lights - Arsinoe

The simple Arsinoe pendant light is a simple, yet luxurious and elegant light fixture. Its design evokes a small golden tree branch facing downward. Each of its extremities is decorated with a glass leaf containing a G4 light bulb (included). This 45cm wide pendant will fit a living room or an entrance hall. Also available in black with 27 light and in...
Pendant light with round glass shade and crystal flowers - Eva Pendant light with round glass shade and crystal flowers - Eva 2
Crystal pendant lights

Pendant light with round glass shade and crystal flowers - Eva

The Eva pendant light associates the simplicity of glass with the timeless style of crystal. This 40cm light fixture with integrated LED technology doesn't require any light bulb and consumes 24W for a brightness of 2480 lumens. It will fit any chic interior or modern decoration in need of a fancy light fixture.
Crystal chandeliers

Baroque pendant light with metal rods and crystal tassels - Chloé

The Chloé pendant light is a crystal pendant combining crystal with a bold design: its metal rods are ornate with small crystal tassels and metal discs and emit a very bright light of 9666 lumens. With its unique style, it is a great element of decoration for a large living room or entrance hall.
Glass-made pendant lights

Pendant light with multiple black branches and glass leaves - Arsinoe

The black, 27 light Arsinoe pendant light is a lovely light fitting in the shape of a black metal tree branch. It will light up your room with its multiple lights (G4 light bulbs included) and decorate your interior with its extravagant style. Also available in gold with 9 or 36 lights.
Crystal pendant lights

LED chandelier with rock crystal style - Mara

Looking for luxury and flamboyance? The triple pendant light Mara is probably what you need. Its dazzling crystal pieces emit a LED light and thus do not require any light bulb. It only consumes 24W for a  powerful brightness of 2480 lumens. To impress your guests, place Mara in your living room or you entrance hall.
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Crystal pendant lights

Pendant light - crystal LED horizontal bar design - Kirn

£134.32 £179.10
The "Kirn" Horizontal LED Pendant Light will enhance perfectly your dining room design by providing a beautiful light. Integrated LED are used to make life easier, you won't have to change the LED bulbs. Its unique design, along with crystals, decorate your home with a luxury atmosphere. Furthermore, enjoy this chrome pendant light, the metal reflects the...
Pendant light - design chrome + glass Freya Pendant light - design chrome + glass Freya 2
Chromed pendant lights

Crystal Pendant Light - Drops

Let it snow with this crystal pendant light. Bring enchantment and brightness into your home with this beautiful light fitting. The Drops pendant light is made of transparent crystal beads and a single E14 bulb. If you desire a soft lighting for a small room like a corridor or a hallway, then this Drops ceiling lighting will suit your home well!
Pendant light - Duccio Pendant light - Duccio 2
Design pendant lights

LED & Crystal Pendant Light - Duccio

Sublime Pendant Light made of Integrated LED and Crystals. The lighting design elegantly complements your interior. Rings and crystals were worked with finesse. Integrated LED in crystals diffuse a charming natural light.
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Wisely chosen, the pendant light can become the main decorative element of your room. Pendant lights also provide precise illumination without it taking space on the floor or on your table. Installation is easy and your rooms are instantly decorated and lit. Discover our range of lighting pendant lights for rearranging your home with style and elegance. You will find a wide selection of pendant light design, Baroque and classical as the Lorma pendant light, with pendant light Singapore reminding us of these spacious industrial areas, led to optimal lighting for energy consumption minimum such as the pendant light Osaka, glass... and many others still.

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