Crystal Floor Lamps

In this category, you will find very chic and design floor lamps made of chrome and crystal. 

Crystal Floor Lamp : Luxurious and design

Invite absolute luxury into your own home by choose a crystal floor lamp. The crystals made of pure glass are bright and shiny, they add more light by reflecting the light bulb. The Crystal Floor Lamp will make your home glow just like a dream. They are superb decor element with their design lampshade, round or triangular. Set them proudly in your living room and you will dazzle and impress your guests. Contemporary lamps or classic lamps, you got the choice with our light fitting catalogue. For a more classic style, opt for the baroque floor lamp Elise. Its crystal pendants will remind you of the Renaissance Era. And, think about its white and classic lampshade. You won't find anything more classic than that. There is as well a contemporary inspiration with its chromium structure. The base is made of metal (Chrome), you will se the light reflected by the design canopy.

The Crystal Floor Lamp : Rare, yet cheap

Who can assume to be proud of owning a crystal floor lamp ? For a more contemporary style, choose the Beline floor Lamp. Its unique design, made of a circular white lampshade will enhance your home decoration. Take a look at its square crystals. Directly integrated to the lampshade, you will see the light go through them. It will provide you a nice and warm light effect. Don't expect these to be expensive. They are totally afforsable for anyone. To make more savings, don't forget to use LED Light Bulbs.