Tripod Floor Lamps

Looking for a wood tripod floor lamp ? You can find it in our online store KosiLight !

Tripod Floor Lamp : The balance between Design and Lighting

These Floor Lamps have three feet and allow your light fitting to be well-balanced. Really easy to assemble, you wil not have any difficulties to install your floor lamp. Lay out the wood structure, insert the light bulb, plug it, and light on the lamp. Whether they are made from wood or metal (chrome), our floor lamps have flawless quality. Don't worry, we understand your concern and we offer you the best quality at the best price for you to afford. Floor lamps light up your home and any rooms but also decorate them with a soft light, subdued by design lampshades. The height is the former quality of this type of light fitting. Indeed, it will attract anybody's attention by broadcasting the light all around the living room. 

Tripod Floor lamp : It suits any style

These trendy and chic light fittings suit any styl of decoration. You just have to choose which one you prefer. For an industrial interior, you may opt for the Marine Tripod Floor Lamp. With its triangular and white lampshade, it will broadcast an efficient light without hurting your view. The tripod made of chrome allows the floor lamp to reflect the light as a mirror. Its a really design floor lamp that should be used for an industrial style of decoration but also for a loft style interior or street furniture. For a more contemporary lamp, choose the Lina instead. Its feet made of wood will enhance your home. And you know what ? This floor lamp has appeared on a famous French-TV show called "Mission Plus Value". We offer this Wood Floor lamp to a family who wanted to raise up their house value.